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Overseeding Program

Has dry weather been hard on your lawn? Thin Areas? Dead Spots?
We Can Help With Overseeding!

Evergreen Lawn Service can help return Your Lawn to Healthy & Beautiful!

You can depend on Evergreen Lawn Service to provide the proper treatments necessary during drought or any adverse environmental conditions. Call today for your free lawn evaluation!


Is your lawn getting thin, turning brown or developing spots that just don't look as good as they should? Over time, most soil becomes compacted or hard, and your turf has trouble filling in this thin and browning spots. Drought, disease and insects can also take their tol. If any of this sounds familiar, aeration and overseeding might be just what you need.

Getting Your Lawn Back on Track

All lawns, regardless of their condition, can benefit from some level of renovation every year or so. One of the best means of rejuvenating turff is to combine the power of professional aeration with overseeding.

Overseeding MachineDuring aeration, a machine known as a core aerator pulls plugs of soil and thatch up from the lawn to break up compacted soil and create more room for air, water and fertilizer to reach the roots. This results in expansion of the root system for thicker, healthier grass. Aeration also helps to break up thatch, which can prevent water, fertilizer and insect controls from reaching the soil if it gets too thick.

Following up aeration with overseeding is a great way to thicken up a thin lawn or add a hardier, more drought-resistant grass variety to your property. Good seed-to-soil contact is essential for seeding success, and the new grass seed with have an easier time growing in the holes left behind by aeration. Keep in mind that if your lawn has been seeded, the soil shold be kept moist with light, frequest sprinklings until the new grass is well established.

What you can do to help your lawn get through a dry period?

Seed installed in early July
24 days later after daily watering by homeowner

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